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 Use Quality Boxes for Moving

Inside your moving boxes are valuable, sometimes priceless possessions. Not all moving boxes are alike. You should understand and be aware of how box quality, size and load capacity will affect your move. Here are some common questions and answers about moving boxes and moving supplies.

"Are your moving boxes brand new?"
YES - we only sell brand new boxes direct from the biggest moving box manufacturers in the USA.

"Why is box strength important?"
Corrugated moving boxes come in all shapes, densities, strengths and sizes - the stronger the box, the greater the protection of its contents. The moving industry is very competitive, but professional movers use moving boxes that are at least 32 ECT (or 200lb test) in strength. These ratings are standard in the moving box industry and help insure that your household belongings will arrive safely. Weaker boxes will crush under a fairly insignificant weight load. No moving, truck rental or self storage company should sell a moving box weaker than 32 ECT (200lb test). Some retailers sell much weaker (by 45%) 150lb test moving boxes and call them moving boxes. BEWARE! Such boxes are actually designed for light-weight usage and should not be used for moving.

"How Do I Know How Strong My Box Is?"
All boxes have a seal printed on the bottom flap by the manufacturer certifying the box's strength. Industry standard Moving Boxes are 200lb test weight or 32 ECT. Larger boxes like wardrobe or kitchen dish pack boxes should have a higher test weight/strength. Also on the certificate seal you will find a capacity in weight that the box is designed to handle. Just because a box is large, doesn't mean it can carry a lot of weight. Be sure to check box strength before you purchase to make certain the moving boxes are adequate for your needs.

"How can you sell your products at such a low price?"
Volume Discount. We buy over a million boxes a year so we are able to get great prices from our suppliers. By focusing exclusively on moving boxes for consumers, we get great pricing on our large orders and pass along the savings. Also our process and supply chain is state-of-the art, with very little inefficiency. The result is great value for you.

"Is size important?"
Yes, size does matter. But only in the sense of manageability. Many moving companies sell large boxes for use by large men and their large moving machines. Based on customer demand, our boxes are slightly smaller and more manageable. Most of our clients are self-movers, but either way, how you pack the box is as important as the size of moving box. The number one cause of damage during a move is a box that is not fully packed. Empty space in a box creates trouble. See our packing tips for more details.

"What about used boxes?"
Moving boxes do get weak when reused, and are ruined when they get wet. One of the biggest concerns is the side of the box where the seam is glued. Over time, the glue becomes unreliable. If you do use used boxes, you should inspect them carefully before packing. WE DO NOT SELL USED BOXES. Regulations for carriers like UPS and FedEx prohibit the use of used boxes for shipping.

"Are your boxes high quality?"
YES - In fact our boxes test over the 200lb test industry standard. Our boxes are more than tough enough even for shipping!! Our Kitchen and Wardrobe boxes are double the industry standard strength.

"How can you ship for free?"
FED EX shipping is expensive, but we keep our costs down by shipping from warehouses throughout the country. This makes your delivery time faster and your boxes arrive in better condition (not after days and 1000's of miles on a truck).

"How do you choose the box sizes?"
We have chosen the most popular sizes and we listen to feedback from our customers. We then bundle these moving boxes into kits and bundles so they are easy for you to purchase.

"Are your boxes guaranteed?"
Absolutely! If you purchase our moving supplies and packing supplies and are not satisfied, you can return them within (10) days of receipt for a refund. Please Click Here for our policy concerning our guarantee.

Our Moving Kits are specially designed to accomodate any of your packing needs, from 1 room to 10 rooms residence. They include moving boxes, packing supplies and helpful tools to satisfy your packing needs.
Our Box Bundles have standard amount of each box and vary with quantity. It is perfect addition to any Moving Kit or if you run out of boxes during the packing process.
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