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Moving New York

Moving New York

Do you feel confined in your boring suburb life? Well you should try moving to New York. Do you crave more adventure from the listening city? Or are you looking to advance your career? Whether you want to a stock broker or a Broadway star, New York is the place for you. If you have already made to decision about moving to New York, congratulations! Now is the hard part; trying to figure out how you are actually going to make the transition. Here are a few tips to making sure your move to New York is as seamless as possible.

Moving to New York 

1. Have a job lined up. Moving to New York is very expensive and you don't want money issues to get in the way of your big dreams. If you are going to New York to find a career but don't yet have a job a good an idea would be to apply with a temp agency. Temp agencies will display their listings in the Sunday edition of The New York Times every week. These agencies also have branches in other cities so you can find one that is close to you and have something lined up before your move.

2. Arrange to have a long term place to stay. Finding a place on your own may be difficult at first. Finding a roommate may be easier on your move and your wallet. If you don't already know someone you can bunk with when you first arrive you can try looking on Craigslist for open apartments and rooms for rent.

3. When you are ready to move out on your own make sure to do your research. If you want to stay in the city the Yorkville area may be much more affordable than the downtown area. You can also find decently priced places in areas such as Hudson Heights, East Harlem, Harlem, or Inwood.

4. If you want to consider living outside of Manhattan there are plenty of great places where rents are much less expensive. Queens and Brooklyn are great places to live. Also New Jersey is just a short train right away. South Bronx is also an up and coming area that is drawing more bohemian artist types that are trying to escape the incredibly high rents of the city. All of these would be very accessible to the big city and also offers charms of their own. Remember moving to New York can be hard work but in the long term it is well worth the effort!

Our Moving Kits are specially designed to accomodate any of your packing needs, from 1 room to 10 rooms residence. They include moving boxes, packing supplies and helpful tools to satisfy your packing needs.
Our Box Bundles have standard amount of each box and vary with quantity. It is perfect addition to any Moving Kit or if you run out of boxes during the packing process.
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